They think its all over… It is now!

IMGP1065The above title, believe it or not, is the iconic epithet coined by the 1966 world cup commentator Kenneth Wolsteholme at the end of the England’s world cup final victory  over West Germany (You can see it here) and strangely enough it seems particularly apt to use it to mark the end of InCoWriMo 2014.

IMGP1064My personal stats so far, as kept in my trusty Field Notes ‘Pitch Black’ notebook.  Letters sent over the month: 44, letters received thus far: 24. Continents to which I’ve written include, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australasia, so that’s five out of seven. Please note: I’m setting a personal goal for next year to crack all seven continents (BTW anyone know a fountain pen geek who lives in Antarctica?)

IMGP1063So what are my conclusions? First would be that the challenge of writing and sending a letter every day is surprisingly enjoyable. In fact there has hardly been a day when I’ve not looked forward to sitting at my desk, pen in hand, ready to write to someone new and/or reply to the newly received letter as they are read. I say that as someone who suffers from nerve damage in my writing hand making more than about two sides of writing at any one time virtually impossible.

IMGP1061Second, has been the downright friendliness of fountain pen enthusiasts not only to engage with strangers in a letter but also to share their enthusiasm, expertise and knowledge of pens, inks et al with others. Each letter, note and card has had something to commend both it and the individual writer. I’m sure that I will endeavour to keep in contact with at least some of the people who have sent letters and started conversations… and I hope the feeling is mutual.

IMGP1062Thirdly is a simple rediscovery of the pleasure of letter writing. After a month of daily writing I really feel that I’m better placed to write more letters now than I was when I started. At first I was a bit awkward, somewhat reticent and unsure of what to write. Now I impatiently scour  the bundle of mail as it lies there after being delivered looking for something to which I can reply by hand…

Roll on InCoWriMo 2015!



14 thoughts on “They think its all over… It is now!

  1. I was so disappointed to discover incowrimo around the 24th of the month. I managed to send one to a fellow Instagramer but really sad I missed out. And now we have to wait another year! I shall endeavour to embrace the concept and catch up on my correspondence. Nice blog post!

    1. Dont wait a year.. just write anyway, my address is on one of the posts or look it up on fpgeeks if you like 🙂 or let me have yours…

  2. Perhaps I should not have been reluctant, now I’ve missed something that sounds as if I could have made new friends. Can’t have to many, thanks for your blog. I rarely miss a day reading it.

  3. I received your letter today. That means they’re still being delivered even though yesterday was the last day. Seriously, I don’t want to stop writing and I don’t think I will. I’m sure I’ll be excused since I didn’t start until the 12th, and, I have to answer your delightful letter. Thanks for writing. My reply will be in the mail Monday.

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