Hello Ruby Thursday? A short review of Kaweco Ruby Red Ink

Kaweco ruby red
Kaweco ruby red

I have always been more of a fan of the Rolling Stones than the Beatles… So hearing the phrase, ‘Goodbye Ruby Tuesday’ ringing through my head as I was trying to work out a title for this review seemed to provide just the thing I was looking for… Except it’s a Thursday and I’m not saying goodbye to this ink but rather a happy hello! This is the second Kaweco ink I’ve reviewed this week so I’m on a bit of a roll…ing stone (get it? Never mind… :/)

Kaweco Ruby Red test page
Kaweco Ruby Red test page

Presentation: Two things to say here. First regarding the packaging. As I said in my previous review of the Kaweco Paradise Blue these inks all arrived in transparent plastic boxes for review purposes, at present I’m not sure how they are packaged for retail. I hope its something better than this as although these are functional they’re perhaps not up to the usual Kaweco standard. I have to admit to liking the way Kaweco package their pens, love the almost quirky retro look.

Second, the 30ml bottle itself. This is a good quality, and attractively labelled bottle. The red is really quite stylish. I would say that the bottle, at least to me, looks quite traditional with the black bakelite cap fitting securely on top of the bottle. As I say I quite like this look, it may not match up to the looks of a Montblanc or Pilot Iroshizuku bottle but I would imagine it doesn’t match the price either…

swabs and swatches
swabs and swatches

On Test: This red ink really impressed on test. Now I have to confess a liking for good red inks and this one is right up there… No disappointments here at all. Again it has quite a retro look on the page reminding me of my first experiences with red-bottled ink. I’m reminded of old school rooms and dip pens as I use this ink. I can almost here the ticking clock that used to mark the time in my classroom as we worked on our handwriting. This ink works simply and straightforwardly; it allows the pen to glide effortlessly across the paper, leaving its well-defined trail of rubies. It is, I have to say, also delightfully complex in its hue and delicate shading along with excellent drying times even on good quality coated paper. As usual I use Rhodia 80gsm dot grid paper for all my ink reviews.

Summary: I’m pretty sure that this ink will become a favourite red of mine. I like it particularly in my wetter pens where the full-bodied colour really comes to the fore. So if a deep red immediately sets your pulse racing I wholeheartedly recommend this top class ink as part of your essential ink list. (Please note: I received this ink at no cost to myself for the purposes of review on this blog. The review is my own and I have not received any financial payment for this review)



8 thoughts on “Hello Ruby Thursday? A short review of Kaweco Ruby Red Ink

  1. Enjoyed this, not sure it would replace Red Dragon in my affection.
    Do you have any idea where to buy these inks from in the UK? Potter

  2. Looks like a good strong red ink. I particularly like the coloured page for the review 🙂 Are you planning to do this for all ink reviews in the future?

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