Just Write: A review of the Kaweco Elite

Sometimes things just look and feel right… A leather briefcase, a silk tie, a hot mug of tea in the morning and of course a good pen. Of thus is the Kaweco Elite, a pen sent to me as a sample to review by #TeamKaweco themselves.   I’m glad to say that Elite is a classy pen that would grace any pocket. It is also a pen that stands somewhat alone in the Kaweco range in many respects, those of us who are devotees of the Sport series will be very familiar with the pocket-sized offerings and the smaller interchangeable nibs for example. There is nothing small about this pen, and the Elite sports a large steel nib, called the 250. It is a full size, full weight, extremely tactile writing instrument that demands consideration.

Dimensions: The Elite is 138mm (5.44″) long when capped and  132mm (5.2″) uncapped from the end of the nib to the base. Posted it has a length of 176mm (6.92″). The barrel diameter measures : 13.1 mm  and the concave section diameter is 9.9 mm . The overall weight of the pen comes in at a surprising 33g ( I estimated quite a bit more)

Description: The classic black and chrome look of the Elite is tasteful and elegant. The octagonal barrel  is turned from a single block of piano lacquer acrylic with a high-gloss finish that I think looks nothing less than spectacular. The cap is a round  and heavy chromed affair with a black lacquer top  cap and a chrome clip some nice detailing. The grip section is large and concave with chrome rings either end. The screw thread are unobtrusive and secure the cap with a minimum of fuss The Kaweco emblem is on the base of the pen and the end of the cap, also in chrome. It is an altogether refined piece of work with the design of the pen harking back to an age of style and sophistication.

On test: Writing with the Elite pushes all the right buttons. Business or pleasure, shopping list or love letter the Elite performs with panache. I used the Elite unposted, the cap is heavy and in my view unbalances the pen when posted (you don’t really want to use this posted, trust me). Take it off and you have an elegantly balanced instrument ready to grant you some unfettered writing pleasure.

The large ‘250’  medium nib performed well. It is firm and smooth, and if anything the one I used tended to be on the narrow side of medium which s exactly what I like. It was initially a little dry but soon loosened up in use. I would imagine that a broad nib would really suit this pen. There is some line variation with the medium but a broad might give the user that little extra…

Summary: The Kaweco Elite is a great pen, it has great design, it feels good in the hand, and looks really great (though I’d love an orange one too). It stands up there in the mix with  any similarly priced pen that I have used. I would rate it alongside such pens as the Faber Castell Ondoro (one of my all time favourites…) it’s that good. If you like pens that exude an elegance and style that are also precise then seriously consider this pen, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.



5 thoughts on “Just Write: A review of the Kaweco Elite

  1. What a good looking pen. I’ve never heard of this model before. It’s classy, and if it writes as smoothly as my Kaweco (though that’s a different nib) then I trust you when you say it writes well.

    Though looking around it seems to retail in the £115 mark. Which puts it at the same price point as a production line Edison. As great looking as it is if I had £115 to spend on a pen I’d go with an Edison.

    That’s just my opinion though, and it depends on what you like. For me I just couldn’t pass that “Blue Steel” finish Edison Collier 🙂

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