What’s in a name: A short review of Kaweco Paradise Blue ink

IMGP1019What’s in a name? Well as Shakespeare reminds us, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” and who am I to quibble with the bard? in light of this, today’s ink is either called Paradise Blue (that’s what it said on the shipping label) or Caribbean Turquoise (according to Kaweco’s online catalogue). Whichever it is, for I think both names fit the ink quite well (I’m opting for Paradise Blue for now), here is a short review… see what you think.

IMGP1016Presentation: In line with the other shades in Kaweco’s bottled ink range the Paradise Blue comes in a rather traditional but pleasing 30ml bottle. The bottles are relatively small but are attractively designed and well labelled, the labels being colour coordinated with the shade of ink. Interestingly for the polyglots among us they have the word ink written in no less than five languages on the front! Obviously these are not the biggest ink bottles in the world but they are satisfactory. They are aesthetically pleasing and have the ability to stand at an angle to get at those last few drops of ink when the bottle is depleted.

I received these inks for review purposes in transparent plastic boxes. At this moment I’m unsure whether this is how they are presented for retail. The boxes are fine as they are, but perhaps something more attractive would further enhance the buying experience.

IMGP1024On Test: What surprised me most about this ink was how different it can be depending on the pen and nib used. I know this goes without saying most of the time but I surprised myself as I started the review using my usual review pen which is a vintage Mentmore with a soft-ish gold nib. The thing about this nib is that it is a very wet nib and the resulting lines of writing left on the Rhodia paper were a deep, peacefully refined  turquoise.  On changing pens to a Kaweco All-Rounder with a EF nib the hue was transformed into a much lighter, brighter shade that is equally delightful but different . So remember when judging an ink to see if you like it do try another pen and see what happens, it might surprise you!

Other than this the ink behaved really well. The colour is strong and true, to my eye it is more of a turquoise than a blue. It gives some pleasant shading particularly with wetter and larger nibs; it flows well, and dries relatively quickly.  I think that I prefer the slightly more utilitarian darker shade afforded by my wet nibbed Mentmore but the brighter line was also nice. I think that as with all inks, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.




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