My first eyedropper: Franklin Christoph M40P ‘Fire & Ice’

IMGP0994You know how it is, you decide to do something new and all of a sudden you’re overtaken with a thousand ‘why nots’. Maybe it was the first extreme haircut, or the first car you bought. For me it was today and whether I should turn my Franklin-Christoph M40 Pocket ‘Fire & Ice’ into an eyedropper.

IMGP1002Will I be able to do it? Will the silly thing write properly? Will I damage the pen? Will I spill ink all over my desk (again)? To be honest I was really somewhat nervous. First I’m a complete klutz practically speaking, It took me over 25 years to put a coat hook up on the wall in my house for goodness sake. Secondly until yesterday I didn’t have any silicone grease to seal the threads, a problem that was overcome by a nice man called Alan Lloyd from ABC LLoyd (a pen shop) in Kendal. Third, what ink to use? I’ve been unsure what to put in this pen for a while, then I remembered that I had a sample of Noodler’s ‘Apache Sunset’ which I received from Adam (@freemind62 on twitter). Oh and fourth, have I mentioned that I’m useless practically speaking????

IMGP1001Anyway I eventually plucked up the courage after supper to do a little pen maintenance and you know how it is, one thing led to another. First off I disassembled the Franklin Christoph completely. This meant that I flushed and dried the nib and feed, cleaned inside the grip and the barrel. (Note here: Well done to Franklin-Christoph for making a pen like this that comes apart this easily and is simple to maintain) Then using the end of a match stick (ingenious eh?) I greased up the necessary threads, that is the threads on the barrel and the ones inside the grip to secure the nib and feed. After this I fitted everything together and out came the sample vial and the syringe and before Arsenal could be 2-0 down to Bayern Munich it was complete. I started using it straight away for an Incowrimo letter and it seemed fine. The nib in this ‘Fire & Ice’ is a Mike Masuyama ground medium cursive italic which is very crisp in use. So initially I’m very pleased but will see how it performs in the long run but have to say the looks are killer… what do you think?

Have you tried any eyedropper conversions? If so how did they go?



8 thoughts on “My first eyedropper: Franklin Christoph M40P ‘Fire & Ice’

  1. An absolute beauty. I’ve had my eye on this pen ever since I first saw it. I can see why you’re after some more Apache Sunset now 🙂

    I’m going to have to get this at some point when I can manage to afford it. Perhaps if I sell one of the pens I already own I can justify it to myself. Anyone interested in a good deal on some Pilots? 🙂

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