Half-way home: Incowrimo update

_72405365_skijumpThe joints ache, the muscles tremble, the mouth is dry, the brow tenses, furrowed by sheer effort and concentration…

Who is this you ask? What superman could this be? Perhaps an Olympian fying off the top of the ski-jump tower in Sochi, giving their all in pursuit of the gold medal and Olympic glory?

Er well not exactly… actually its me now that we’re about half way through Incowrimo 2014. Yes it’s true… only thirteen days to go, only another thirteen mountains to climb carrying the weight of a fountain pen across pages of crisp white paper.. Sort of brings a lump to the throat doesn’t it?

some of the letters received
some of the letters received

Seriously though, its been a really interesting experience so far. Letter from the far-flung corners of the world have made it to my little corner of darkest Cumbria. They’ve travelled from as diverse places across the globe, from Providence to Peterborough, Tel-Aviv to Thailand, and Singapore to Slovakia and all points in between. Here are a couple of observations:

  1. Most people can fit one more friend into their lives…
  2. Fountain pens are a great way to meet the aforementioned friends…
  3. It’s great to exchange information and met people across cultures and places.
  4. Not sure wax seals are a good idea over long distances, none that have been sent have made it through unscathed, I’m still going to use mine though 🙂
  5. No-one has written to me from Africa yet, Come on guys get a move on!
even my pen needs a rest
even my pen needs a rest

Hope you are still enjoying your part in this fun endeavour, if you havent joined in why not try it out for a week, you may never recover … no I mean you wont regret it… honest 😉




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