Hitting a blurple patch: a short review of Diamine Bilberry ink

Sometimes it takes time to come to conclusion on a matter. Certainly my opinion on this ink has taken time to crystallise, but I’ve eventually got there. Having used this ink for a while now I believe that I’m better able to review it than I would have been earlier. Frankly I haven’t been much of a purple ink fan in the past (probably due to it being in my mind a teenage-crushy, heart-shaped sort of  ink colour) which is I guess it has taken me a while to really warm to this ink.

Interestingly what has changed for me in my thinking about this ink is firstly finding the right pen for this ink (I know, but bear with me). Sometimes I think an ink needs a particular pen to seal it for me. For this ink it is my Franklin-Christoph M14 ‘Magnes’ pen. This is a now retired edition from Franklin Christoph. This pen, in a special edition, ‘Moonshadow purple’ colour with a 1.1mm stub nib just sets this ink off perfectly. They have become perfect partners, and the barrel colour helps me remember what ink is inside!

The second factor that has affected my thinking has been an extended opportunity to write letters with this ink. So thanks to InCoWriMo 2014 I have gotten to know this ink and come to enjoy writing with it. It has worked well on a variety of papers and envelopes so it’s all good.

Presentation: Those familiar with Diamine’s somewhat understated  bottle will  forgive its,…well, ‘stoic’ look. The look may not compare with some of the more exotic bottles within which other inks these days are encased but at the very least it is functional and at 80ml they are generously sized.

On test: I have to say that on test and in general use this ink performs very well. Bilberry course of being a Diamine ink is well-behaved, that almost goes without saying. The colour is rich, the shading is nice, and though its hue is possibly more straightforward than some other inks it excels in its beauty and richness. This along with a decent drying time means that it looks good even on good quality coated paper. I predominantly use this with a 1.1mm stub so the line variation is marked and the combination of ink and nib work well together.

Summary:  While you won’t find me going on a spending spree in  order to fill my desk with a plethora of purple inks, I think that this one is interesting enough to be of regular use. It is one of the more interesting purples or blurples as I call them as  in some light is does have a definite  blue sheen.

Foolishly yours…


4 thoughts on “Hitting a blurple patch: a short review of Diamine Bilberry ink

  1. This is my very, very favourite colour and I am keeping it in my daily rotation for couple of months – I discovered many other purple/blue inks but I still like it 🙂 Thank you for nice review, hope it will serve you well 🙂 and maybe you can take a look on Denim – if you don’t have it and want to try, I will send you sample.

    1. Hi Andrea, thanks for the comment. If you want to send me a sample of denim that would be great, what would you like in return?

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