Born on midnight’s velvet wings: A review of the Monteverde Invincia Nighthawk (original)

As night falls the box opens
As night falls the box opens

Darkness falls across the land… The midnight hour is close at hand… Creatures crawl in search of blood… To terrorize y’alls neighborhood… OK I know it’s not Halloween or anything like that but I couldn’t think of a better start to this review than something to curdle the blood! Mwa hah hah hah…

Anyway enough of that… today I’m reviewing another one of my favourite pens, namely the original version of the Monteverde Invincia Deluxe ‘Nighthawk’. This wingéd beast arrived some months ago in its carbon weave look, special edition box, lined in blood-red reminding me of a vampire’s coffin…Mwa hah hah (sorry, can’t stop doing that now).

ready to feast
ready to feast

Anyway I’ve taken some time to get to know this pen. To be honest I wasn’t going to do a review on this at all. I only choose to review some of my pens. Others I keep obsessively to myself and this was one of those, then the other day I decided to take some pictures of it and ‘hey presto’ here we are, so I hope you enjoy the review.

Dimensions: Weighing in at 40 grams,  the capped pen is on the heavy side, but to be honest I quite like that and it is still a very well-balanced pen. I’m not against lighter pens but there is something reassuring oftimes about a weighty pen, and this is one of those, even the cap itself weighs 10 grams! The uncapped body measures 135 mm (5.35″)  and posted  the pen measures a whopping 165mm  (6.5″) and is very comfortable in hand whether posted or not. Some might find tis pen too long when posted, I don’t but it is getting there even for me.

Note the carbon fibre weave
Note the carbon fibre weave

Description: Simply put, if looks could kill this pen would have a public health warning on it. It is, in my view, stunning. The look  and matte feel of the carbon fibre weave is great. In fact can’t think of anything I don’t like about the way it looks. I like the box it comes in, I like the matte trim, I like the shiny black nib, I like the screen printed branding on the cap, I love the enclosed Monteverde converter with its screw threaded fitting (why aren’t all converters made this way?) I like everything about it period.

Feel: Essentially this pen is a piece of tactile heaven! I like its balance in the hand, even posted it is not unbalanced only a bit long perhaps. I like the thought and care  that went  into the production of this pen and have watched the video by Brian Goulet. I think all pens should be made in association with at least one pen addict :).  I have noticed that I almost obsessively keep capping and uncapping this pen and I realised why.At the end of the capping process there is a cushioned feel to the way the cap and barrel come together. As the two parts come together they meet softly and precisely in a way that is somewhat hypnotic…..

Nib detail
Nib detail

Writing Test: A slight diversion is needed here. I ordered this pen with a fine nib and to be honest at first I thought I had made a huge mistake, though looking good the fine nib was extremely scratchy and the ink barely reached the paper, I despaired for a while before utilising  a tip I learned from Ian Hedley over at the excellent Pens! Paper! Pencils! blog, who himself had been given the tip by an employee of a pen manufacturer. The tip was “to trick the nib”. What is that you ask? Well I’ll let Ian describe it in his own words (NB neither I or Ian take any responsibility for you breaking your pen if you choose to try this and it fails…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

“To do this, turn the nib over with the feed facing up. With your thumbnails tug on the wings out and downward. The steel nib is very strong so you won’t hurt it. This should keep them from pressing each other and solve the problem. While you are at it make sure the feed is aligned to be centered on the nib slit.”

Writing using Montblanc Oyster Grey
Writing using Montblanc Oyster Grey

Suffice to say that I tried this procedure (at my own risk) and it worked after two or three careful tugs and one heart stopping moment where I thought I had misaligned the tines the nib was transformed. The ink flowed and it has now become part of my daily carry filled with Montblanc Oyster Grey ink. I cannot use it enough! I’m going to order another nib for this pen just to have as a swap probably a 1.1 stub from  the great folk at Goulet Pens, (the service they provide almost makes me want to live in the States, but then I remember corn dogs and American chocolate… ewwww)

In use now this pen writes smoothly. There is  some slight feedback as one would expect from a fine nib but the ink flows freely enough for writing with this pen to be a pleasure.

Blank end cap on original nighthawk
Blank end cap on original nighthawk

Summary: The Monteverde Invicia Deluxe ‘Nighthawk’ is a great pen it is available at $108 (£65) at I don’t know if the original version of this pen is still available, but I know that there has been a follow-up version with a few small differences, as mentioned by Brian Goulet himself here. So if you like the look of this pen get one of those and try it out. I’m glad I got one of the originals though….Mwa haha hah



6 thoughts on “Born on midnight’s velvet wings: A review of the Monteverde Invincia Nighthawk (original)

  1. It takes nerve to criticize American chocolate ( Dove, excellent!), corn dogs (with mustard at a fair, heaven!). You in the land that gave us Marmite and kidney pie, you should be ashamed… Mwa…hah…hah…hah, couldn’t resist.

    1. Nothing wrong with steak and kidney pie or steak and kidney pudding y’know . as for Marmite I agree it is terrible. No nation is perfect 🙂

      1. I’ll be truthful haven’t tried the pie but at least we agree on the Marmite. Have you tried the Dove chocolate, it is good I have tried some of the European chocolate when I was in the U S Navy, but when I was in the navy we put tar on our pony tails and the ships were made of wood and had sails. Enough of my foolishness, thanks for putting up with me.

      2. Hi again, can’t say that I have tried that one, all the others I’ve tried weren’t great. Always appreciate the trouble taken to comment thats what blogs live for.
        God bless

  2. Hi and thanks for the post – I bought an Invincia Vulcano – drop dead lovely but with exactly the same scratchy nib you’ve described here. I followed SDBRE Browns youtube advice and gently moved the nib over a nail buffer (my wife must never stumble across this post) for about a minute. Now it’s one of the nicest writers I have.
    Have you seen the new Monteverde Impressa over at Goulet Pens? It looks ominously like a Baoer 051 in a razzed up form – but I might be wrong. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jeff, I haven’t seen the Impressa but I’ll have a look. The only other Monteverde I have is a Prima with a medium nib at present and that writes well

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