We few, we happy few, we band of brothers…

At last! My first InCoWriMo reply…

Excitement is setting in. The  pulse is starting to race, my mouth is dry and my palms sweaty (sorry… too much information I know) I’m nervously pacing the floor, sitting down, re-arranging my desk, checking my paper supplies are adequate and that my pens are inked. I even feel like reciting the St Crispin’s Day speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V (if you want, watch it here.) Why you ask? Is someone in the family expecting a baby? Are the Arsenal on the verge of a late ‘transfer deadline day’ transfer coup? Actually neither my friends, it is nothing like that. It is nothing  less than the fact that we stand together on the eve of InCoWriMo 2014, on the brink of February 2014 (apologies to readers who in their time zone are already there) peering into the month ahead fingers tingling with the excitement and dare I say expectation of at least twenty-eight letters to write and send across the globe to a cohort of mainly unknown recipients.

to arms!
to arms!

OK I might be over-egging this a little but truthfully I am looking forward to this  endeavour . I have watched the InCoWriMo ‘How to write a letter’ video, I have stocked up on paper (not that I needed to) and inked  and re-inked my pens in anticipation of a letter  a letter writing frenzy the like of which the world has never seen! I know I’m getting carried away again (note to self: order in more camomile tea).I do have to confess that I’m also having to stop myself getting something of a head start – you know, writing three or four letter in advance as ‘aces in the hole’ for those exceptionally busy days… but that would be cheating you naughty, naughty people!

I hope you’re all signed up too, and if not, there is still time. Write me if you want, I’ll reply to as many as I receive

The address is as follows

Gary aka @AFoolWithaPen, c/o, 44 Headlands Drive, Hillcrest, Whitehaven, Cumbria, CA28 6SR



2 thoughts on “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers…

  1. I’m ready for it. If by ready you mean woefully unprepared. I’m still short about 10 people, but I bought in lots of supplies, and in the end isn’t that what it’s all about? A justification to buy really fancy paper, a new pen, some ink, and some sealing wax (with a monogrammed stamp) for the envelopes. I very nearly bought a leather writing case, but stopped myself. I have a tendency to go overboard.

    1. That soundsl ike really being prepared! Hope your month goes well, there seem to be a lot of addresses in the participation thread over at FPGeeks – enough for three months at least I would guess 🙂

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