An Italian beauty: A review of the Omas Notti di Bologna

A beautiful pen
A beautiful pen

In your dreams, everything is possible, in your dreams beauty exists and perfection is attainable, it is within the reach of everyone and is achievable by all. In reality however beauty is much harder to create,and perfection  more elusive perhaps. Yet on occasion beauty can be achieved and in the case of this offering from the Italian pen manufacturer Omas it most certainly has been achieved. I present one of my favourite pens and possible one of the most simply beautiful pens in the world, the Omas ‘Notti di Bologna’ (Nights of Bologna)in orange and blue. This range of pens were released to celebrate the company’s 80th birthday in 2010.

Beauty is possible
Beauty is possible

Description: This is undoubtedly one of the most delicious looking pens available at present. It is sleekly modern and as pleasing to the hand as it is to the eye. The swirled marble orange and deep blue resin of the barrel is amazing, the depth of colour is intoxicating and it draws you into a lengthy tactile experience that is almost romantic. It is  smooth and seductive in the hand, being balanced both posted and unposted. At first I wondered whether the contrasting blue resin  cap and base would work on this model but boy do they. Working along with the platinum finish on the 14K nib and Palladium trim on pen itself you are left with a superbly attractive writing implement.

Style even extends to the end of the cap
Style even extends to the end of the cap

In using the pen it can use standard international cartridges but usefully comes with an Omas own branded converter and this has so far worked very well, it appears robust and fits securely into the body of the pen.

Dimensions: The pen weighs in 30g posted and approximately 20g unposted. It is 125mm long when uncapped and 138 mm when capped. When posted it is 164mm from the end of the nib to the end of the cap.

the porticos of Bologna etched on the nib
the porticos of Bologna etched on the nib

Feel: It is in the detail that this pen excels, whether it is the etching of the   porticos on the nib, the screw threads on the pen, the style of the minimalist clip, or the subtle Omas etching on the cap, this thing is a design beauty. It oozes a sense of style and contemporary chic from first to last.  The first thing that you notice when using this pen is the smoothness of the nib as it glides across the paper. It was what initially attracted me to the pen beyond its obviously killer looks. The second thing you notice when writing with it is that the nib is rigid. Not merely firm but rigid. There is very little play in this nib,somewhat surprising for a 14K gold nib, so if you like a soft nib… beware. To me I don’t mind this  so much, I perhaps would have liked to be able to replace it at some stage with something softer but I’m not sure that this is an option even now. I may do some work on this nib as I feel it is a little dry and may benefit from a tweak to increase the flow through the nib.

the write stuff
the write stuff

Writing test: I decided to use an Omas ink with this pen, in fact it was one that I got at the same time as the pen from my ‘local’ pen shop Iridium in Kendal. As I love green ink I chose Omas’ green and so far I have to say it is a really good true green ink.  In use the pen is very smooth, delightfully so. The pen does feel a little dry to me and as such sometimes has a tendency to dry start and needs a little encouragement.

Summary: A stunningly beautiful pen that is lovely to look at and feel in the hand and a pen that I really want to love as it writes, but don’t quite yet. Although beautiful the nib is is too firm and the pen runs a little dry, details I know for such a stunning beauty but pens are for using and not just looking at. You see it’s perfect, but only in my dreams…



2 thoughts on “An Italian beauty: A review of the Omas Notti di Bologna

  1. Beautiful pen but too bad on the slow starts. The TOP annoyance for me on a pen at any price point. Thanks for the review, I was hoping this could be the first Omas to add to my collection.

    1. Hi Bob
      I’m not sure whether this issue is true for all of them, and I’m sure it is something I will find a solution to, even if it means the services of a nib meister. It is a truly beautiful pen and once sorted will be almost perfection…
      Kind Regards

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