InCoWriMo? I’m in!

copy-cropped-cropped-img_1700.jpgOK there are some things in life that you should think about before you do... You know the sort of thing I mean, things like telling someone that you love them, shaving off all your hair, wearing your clothes back to front to college because you think you’ll look cool…(sigh)… anyway better pass on. It turns out that February is International Correspondence Writing Month, perhaps better known to the acronym crazed twenty first century world as InCoWriMo, and the pledge to write a letter everyday for a month to complete strangers is one of those things that  you should add to the above list. That being said I’m pleased to announce that after some thought I’m up for it! Here’s why:

1. It seems to me to be an excellent excuse to ink up a whole variety of my pens…

2. Pen and stationery shops need the business, go buy some nice paper.. (and ink… or even a pen!)

3. The postal service (wherever you live) needs the business, go buy some stamps…

4. Handwriting, like many things, improves the more you do it, so get writing…

5. It may encourage others to leave the digital realm of communication and find the timeless pleasure of analogue…

6. If you’re going to something this mad well the shortest month would seem the ideal time…

7. Why not?

8. Professor Tarquin Dangleberry says it is a good idea, and he seems to be a sensible chap, see him here

If you would like me to write you a letter then please comment on this post leaving an address. You don’t need to write back although of course it would be champion (that’s lovely in Cumbrian) if you did… Or just write me and I’ll answer, my address is on the INCoWriMo spreadsheet, look for foolwithapen



13 thoughts on “InCoWriMo? I’m in!

  1. I’d be happy to send you a letter, and even more-so to receive one. It’s good to have a pen/ink blogger to write to that doesn’t live in the US (in the neighbouring county even!) which will help my stamp budget 🙂

    Can I ask where this InCoWriMo spreadsheet is located?

      1. Possibly, but I couldn’t believe anyone in the fountain pen comunity would be so base as to be a junkmailer..

  2. Gary,
    I just wrote a letter to you that I’m going to drop in the mail in the morning. Wrote it with my brand new Kaweco Sport Fountain pen. I’d love to hear back. I did put my address on the spreadsheet, but I’ll post it again here:

    Luke Falk
    3 Telemark Rd
    Rockaway, NJ

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