Blue Monday: A comparison of six excellent blue inks

Today is supposed to be the bluest day of the year, the day we’re all depressed. Well I say if you must have the blues at all let’s make them the inks that we use today instead… In this particular comparison I have brought together six excellent blue inks of various hues to showcase the delights of each one. As with all my showcase blog posts this is not meant to be an in-depth review, rather it is more to whet the appetite of those who may be interested. So if you like any of these inks visit your local pen and staionery shop and buy them!

Blue is  perhaps, apart from black,  the most classic ink colour; so much so that many of us are somewhat put off it as it is often the default setting for the inks with which we grow up. But today let’s look at them for what the are, namely great inks that justly deserve to be appreciated and used. So here goes!

The first ink I’m using is relatively new to me, being Rohrer & Klingners ‘Verdigris’. This is to my eye a beautifully sophisticated shade of blue. The colour is tremendously reliable and the ink offers a most attractive variance of shade that is accentuated more by using a broader nib. Now one of my favourite inks it sells (at least in the UK) at a great value for money price. The bottle is perhaps something of a let down, but then you can’t have everything in life can you?

Second comes the Pilot Iroshizuku ‘Tsuki-Yo’ (moonlight) that I recently reviewed here. I was advised that this ink would grow on me over time and it has. An ink that travels and performs  very well indeed.

Third we introduce Diamine ‘Eau de Nil’. Essential to describing this ink are the terms ‘subtle’ and ‘nuanced’. It is a great shade of blue that performs well and offers great and delicate levels of shading. As with all Diamine inks it is very reliable. I think it’s well worth the price and essential for every blue ink aficionado out there.

Next in line is the Cult Pens/Diamine collaboration in their ‘Deep Dark’ series – Deep dark Blue. A real full-bodied blue ink that totally lives up to the reputation that this series of inks has acquired. I love this concept and I love how this ink performs. A real winner that I use every single day!

Diamine Sargasso Sea is the penultimate ink in our brief showcase. One of the first inks I ever reviewed online here. It is as strong and bold a blue as you could ever wish for. Perhaps not as subtle as some of the other shades here but so very, very vibrant. This will be one of my stock inks for the forseeable future and one that I intend to use in February’s #InCoWriMo project.

Last but by no means least is a waterman’s blue-black ink that has been one of my ‘old faithful’ inks over many years. A doyen of my few vintage pens it is solidly formal and distinguished. I think it performs well alongside many of its younger and more exotic counterparts.

Summary: These six inks are some of the best blue inks that I have used. Of course there others that could be here, watch out for a future installment to see even more.  So feeling blue this Monday? Then why not get yourself a new blue ink from this list, you won’t be disappointed



13 thoughts on “Blue Monday: A comparison of six excellent blue inks

  1. The Sargasso literally leaps off the page. It is the only “blue” I see. I understand we all have preferences but if I wanted a blue this would be the one for me. Thanks for the review.

    1. Hi Shirley, thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I think you have a fair point but for me I have to cast the net wider in order to keep interested in blues due to being forced to use what I would call a ‘mid blue’ for many years growing up, so six of these ‘mid blues’ would send me up the wall! I therefore decided to widen the field to include shades that while blue (at least to me) go off the beaten track at least a little. Even I have to say that the Sargasso is lovely though…
      Kind Regards

  2. I love the Blues… simple, strong and regal. It’s still my favourite colour. and I use it to play safe in my daily correspondence.
    Great review again Gary… I’m going for your Diamine Sargasso Sea.

  3. Beautiful. I have more blue inks than any other colour. The range of shades are almost infinite.You can go from dark blue-blacks through rich almost purple, to beautiful sky blue. I recently got a sample of Iroshizuku Ama Iro which is a lovely light blue that really stands out.

    I’m also participating in InCoWriMo next month. Would you like a letter from me? Who knew 28 was such a big number? 😀

    1. Sure, we folks in beautiful West virginia like snail mail and I will answer. FYI, I am a 67 year old retired telephone engineer, artist, jewelry maker, grandpa, married to same woman 44 years, Christian who has attended the same Baptist church for over 40 years. Wow, that’s a concentrated bio. So after hearing all that and you would still like to write please do, Shirl

      1. Thats great the more the merrier…. what type of baptist church do you attend, 44 years thats good going!
        Kind Regards

      2. Elkview Baptist Church, fundamental independent with pretty much a conservative bent. Run about 300 on a Sun. morning. Have a really vibrant youth and children’s Church ministry. Support about 20 missionaries world wide. Church is about 80 years old. We just purchased about a 300 acre plot of land on which we hope to expand our ministry. Have a really caring group of people who try to meet there brothers and sisters needs.

    2. Hi Thanks for the comment, I have to say that blues arent my favourites due to having to use them when I was younger, but I’m slowly coming round…Happy to participate and get a letter…

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