A golden brown: A short review of Pilot Iroshizuku ‘Tsukushi’ ink

The best of friends
The best of friends

Something you didnt know about me… I don’t like to fly, there I’ve said it. It’s not something I’m particularly proud of, it’s just true. Flying is something that I think is still quite alien. I know the stats however, how safe it is supposed to be. I think part of the problem is that I know too much. I come from a scientific background and have researched the physics of flight and you know it doesn’t help… at all. Thankfully this post isn’t about me flying but about something that has journeyed all the way from Japan, I presume by jet, and has travelled very well indeed. This is the second Iroshizuku ink I have reviewed, this one bought with the help of a gift voucher kindly given as a Christmas gift from friends. Aren’t enabling friends brilliant! Anyway to business…

Presentation: Not much to say here, see my earlier review of ‘Tsuki-Yo’ and all that I said there applies, that is this is an ink that is wonderfully boxed and decanted into a delightful designed bottle.

My considered opinion
My considered opinion

On Test: Much more to say here as I think this is an incredibly beautiful ink that performs excellently well. It struck me with much greater force than its earlier relative. What I like particularly here is the almost purple undertones that this complex, luscious chestnut brown ink exhibits. Tsukushi is translated as ‘horsetail’. It shows great capilliarity and flow in the pen and so dries particularly well on the page. So well in fact I had to repeat the test to believe it. On my stock Rhodia 80gsm it was dry in somewhere between ten and twenty seconds, truly…

The pen I used with this has a praticularly smooth nib (see my review on the Ondoro here.  The combination just worked. Aesthetically they were the best of friends and in operation the ink lubricated the nib wonderfully, allowing a truly sweet writing experience. The medium nib used allowed the ink to display a delicate shading.

ink test page
ink test page

Summary: Buy this ink if you like great ink with a full bodied hue. I know it’s expensive but vthis ink will work in a variety of contexts, whether formal or informal. It has to be said that it isnt the darkest of browns that I have ever used but thats of little import. This ink is top-notch!


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