What’s in your pocket? Precious…

The daily carry
Whats in my pocket? The daily carry of course!

Yes, its been another one of those days, by which I mean of course a day for watching the Hobbit part 1 again with my daughter.. The question with which Bilbo outfoxes Gollum is one I could never use with my family. They would just look exasperatedly at each other, shrug and say, ‘pens’, and they’d be right.

So I thought, there is an embryonic  blog post if ever there was one. I have to confess that I don’t use pen cases much, so my carry about pens end up in two pockets in my coat and are used and abused from there. I prefer this as I like the security of knowing that they’re there at all times, (my wife thinks they’re my security blanket of sorts). So here direct from me to you are the contents of my pocket, at least for today, and a little about each. They are from left to right, lower level first: Uniball Kuru-Toga 0.5mm Mechanical pencil, Uniball Vision Elite, Pilot G-TEC-C4, Kaweco Classic Sport FP in Black, Noodlers Ahab FP in Pima Tortoiseshell. BTW the orange pad that you can see is of course the ubiquitous Rhodia pad, this time a No. 8  with squared paper (great for in the inside pocket). So here we go!

What's on the list today?
What’s on the list today?

The Kuru-Toga: Simply one of the best mechanical pencils around, this is one of the base models that is always in my pocket and part of my daily carry. The, so far, unique revolving action which keeps  both the point sharp and the drawn line well-defined places this pencil as a must have. The construction of this pencil is solid and for its price, as one of the cheaper editions, you can’t go wrong. You don’t have to spend the extra on the Hi-grade or the roulette if you don’t want to…

Vision Elite: Purported to be the next best thing to writing with a fountain pen this pen is a 0.8mm rollerball. The pen is filled with uni’s super ink that boasts that it is essentially tamper proof. the pen is supposedly ‘airplane safe’ which I guess means it won’t leak in your case or pocket or turn into an axe-cleaving terrorist somewhere over the mid Atlantic for which we’re all grateful. I have a whole load of these and think that they’re another must have.

Pilot G-TEC-C4: The recent return of an old favourite (and a bargain at 10p – thanks Cult Pens) This fine-tipped gent is a dream of a writer. Haven’t used one of these for a while and can’t for the life of me think why. Again the problem for me and many others is availability in the frustrating lack of variety stocked by your bog standard high street stationer. If you like writing with a fine line  and you havent tried one of these get one quick, you won’t be disappointed!

The best nib in the world?
The best nib in the world?

Kaweco Sport: I rarely go out without one of these in my pocket, usually two (I carry a blue AL Sport in my trouser pocket (that’s pants to my American friends – BTW pants mean something different over here…). This particular black Classic which I bought at my local pen store (it’s called Iridium, you can check it out here) simply has one of the best nibs in the world in my humble opinion. Writing with this pen is a true pleasure and for me something close to a religious experience (joke). As you can see from the picture the nib is gold-plated and goes so well with the Diamine Salamander ink, which is also a must carry these days. A truly perfect pocket combination. I really love everything about this pen. I love its size, its weight, the way it writes, the way the barrel slips slowly into the cap on a slight cushion of air, it is pen perfection…. really it is. What do you mean you don’t have one, are you insane?

Noodlers Ahab: finally a fairly new addition to my daily carry The Noodlers Ahab is a pleasingly affordably priced piston filler that, with its flex nib, offers something a little different. Being quite a large pen it takes up its fair share of room in the inside pocket  and in the hand.The thing I like best about this pen is the philosophy behind the pen’s manufacture. I think all pens should be able to be repaired by the user without exception. With this pen the parts are replaceable and relatively cheap. The only drawback again is availability. I know of only a couple of stockists of Noodlers pens in the UK which is a shame. I filled mine with Diamine/Cult Pens Deep Dark Green because the Ahab is a really wet pen and though I know that this means that the drying time is elongated it just looks brilliant! Have I told you that I love the ‘Deep Dark” series? If not, I do!

So there you have it, I’ll do one of  these in a month or so to keep you updated with anything that manages to displace any of my daily carry pens.



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