The Spectrum is Green: A comparison of five delicious green inks…

The famous ink test
The famous ink test

Anyone recognise the  ‘Captain Scarlet’ throwback in the title? No? Well, never mind it’s obviously my age… Anyway in this post I bring together five delicious green inks of various hues to showcase the delights of each. As with all my showcase blog post there is not time or space for an in-depth comparison or review, this is more to whet the appetite of those who may be interested.

Firstly I have to say that green is a lovely ink idea. Playful enough to be used casually and artistically yet formal enough in its darker inkarnations (ink get it?) to be a true business ink. I think everyone should have an array of greens in their essential ink collections. What do you think?

The famous five
The famous five

The inks I have chosen for this showcase are Vert Pré by J Herbin, Waterman’s Harmonious Green, Omas Green, Diamine Dark Green, and finally Cult Pens/Diamine Deep Dark Green. Two main reasons for choosing these particular five. First they represent different shades and manufacturers. Second, apart from my favourite and previously reviewed  here Diamine Salamander they are the only greens I currently possess! Remember pen & ink fans, contentment is not always contained in having what you want but it is always found wanting what you have! Here endeth the lesson.

So to business! These inks all display the usual characteristics of premium fountain pen inks. . It is gratifying these days to know that almost any ink you buy in a reputable pen shop will do you proud. Great colours, good saturation, flow, reasonable drying times even on Rhodia paper which does take a little longer (see lower left on pic 1 for my mistake here). They are different however in more than just the shade of green they demonstrate.

Prairie Green by J Herbin
Prairie Green by J Herbin

For example I find the J Herbin Vert Pré ink, though a lovely shade, a little distracting as it exhibits an odd flow characteristic, as I write the colour seems to backwash into the text, which I find somewhat disconcerting. It is also too light a shade for me to consider using in my workaday world. It does however storm across the page like a breath of spring and retains its vivid shade well.

Of the others I find that they all flow more evenly and predictably with the Diamine inks just feeling truer to my hand. In terms of colour  the Diamine dark green is similar to the waterms in shade both exhibiting more subtle and intriguing shades and having great texture. The deep dark green is a true dark hearted beauty. It is a full-bodied ink that fools the unwary into thinking it is a poor black on first glance, only to enrich the more careful eye with shades of smokey bottle green as it dries on the page.

An Italian beauty?
An Italian beauty?

I do like the Omas Green too. This shade I find more engaging each time I use it and is to my view the truest green  with a strong jade/emerald hue. Sadly I think that the Diamine Dark Green and the Waterman are a shade too blue for my general use, but still provide useful alternate choices for those special occasions

In terms of shading in the end it is close run race between the Waterman and the Omas as to which gives the most nuanced shading, to my eye it is probably the Waterman that just beats out the Omas. But you may disagree. The other inks tend to exhibit less shading, being more uniform in their respective coverage but are delightful nontheless.

In my daily carry it is the Omas Green and the Cult pens/Diamine Deep Dark Green collaboration that have emerged and each found a home in one of my daily carry pens, along with the aforementioned salamander. The Omas rests securely in my Omas Notti di Bologna (where else?) the Deep Dark green in my Cult Pens mini FP and of course the Salamander in my Kaweco Classic Sport. The perfect home for each I feel.

Too many greens you say? My answer is, as always, ‘Allez les Vertes!’



6 thoughts on “The Spectrum is Green: A comparison of five delicious green inks…

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment, I know what you mean, I can’t really find a place to use it, but the colour is stunning as you say…

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Todd, I thoroughly agree that green is an oft overlooked colour in the realm of inkdom. The Omas is great…

  1. Came for the Captain Scarlet reference (I got it), but stayed for the great comparison. I have some Deep Dark Green in my office rotation. It looks great in my Diamond 580 since as it sloshes around the barrel it looks black, but leaves a green trail 🙂

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment (glad someone got the Captian Scarlet reference! I was beginning to get lonely) The Deep Dark series is a real winner, I love the green and the blue best so far but haven’t tried the purple…..yet

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