Brown on brown: A short review of CultPens/Diamine deep dark brown Ink

deep dark writing sample
deep dark writing sample

I am reminded of luxurious dark chocolate as I watch this complex ink dry on the paper, perhaps a Green & Blacks’s 70% cocoa dark chocolate (other brands are available).

To be honest I was full of anticipation after receiving this ink through the post and was keen to test it out. Unusually for me I departed from my normal format and used a vintage Mentmore pen to test this full bodied ink and I thought the two were well matched with the vintage 14K nib ‘singing’ sweetly as it swirled acrosss the page.

Mentore auto flow fountain pen
Mentore auto flow fountain pen

I truly couldn’t find any fault with this ink. I love the idea of the ‘deep dark’ series on which Cult pens have collaborated with my ink manufacturer of choice Diamine. This one is the first of three of these ‘deep dark’ shades that I have used and will review, the others being blue and green respectively and I fully intend to purchase the rest of the series as fortune allows.

On test the ink showed its intense colour and great flow properties throughout. The Mentmore pen I was using put down a lot of ink as I wrote paticularly in the strokes used to ascertain the drying properties of the ink, so i think that a drier nib would cut these estimates down to size.

Deep dark brown test
Deep Dark brown test sheet 80gsm Rhodia

As with other deep dark inks I soon realised that this ink develops nicely as it dries. Coming back to the swatch later in the day the dry ink had again slightly mellowed, hints of coffee and dark earth are contained in the slight shading that occurs. Browns tend to be not to everyone’s taste I find, but this ink would be dark enough to pass on formal pen duties and provides a slight variation on the default settings of various hues of black and blue.

Verdict: I am enjoying this ink tremendously and will use it regularly beginning with New Year cards to my friends and neighbours, that is if my daughter doesnt steal it to draw with first. The deep dark range is available from and is priced consistently with other Diamine inks which means an 80ml bottle will set you back £6. Well worth it if you ask me.



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