Contentment is…: A Short Review of Diamine Sargasso Sea Ink


They say that contentment is not having what you want but wanting what you have. so I’m going to apply this principle to the fields of pen, paper and ink reviewing. rather than splashing out on new things I’ll be reviewing what I have, and sharing my contentment with you.

First up is a recent purchase, a bottle of Diamine Sargasso Sea blue ink. This is a strange one to begin with as I don’t, as a rule like blue inks. Perhaps because it was the default setting for the school ink pen…

Anyway I have to say that this one does not disappoint. This ink has a rich and luxurious hue that is very pleasing to the eye. I didn’t find too much shading with this ink perhaps due to the Kaweco AL Sport pen that I was using which had a broad nib. The ink has a decent drying time and a very good flow .

As you can see from the picture (I hope) I was using Rhodia squared paper from a No.16 pad (which is one of my favourites – more to come later on my penchant for Rhodia paper) I have been very pleased with the results of this ink test and have incorporated this particular ink as my favoured journal ink, using the same Kaweco AL Sport pen but with an EF nib.

I love Diamine inks for a number of reasons, but the one I will highlight today is simple value for money. For something under £6 you get an 80ml bottle which will last the average user an age even using some of the broad nibbed ink guzzling pens that tend to be the rage. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind spending more on an ink, but I do appreciate the quality, choice, and presentation that Diamine provide.



3 thoughts on “Contentment is…: A Short Review of Diamine Sargasso Sea Ink

  1. I have personal quest: to buy every bottle of Diamine:) even those yelllow ones, because I usually use them for mixing with another colours. I love blue colours inks, but you are right, darker shades remind no name school ink 🙂 but Sargasso sea, and in my case Denim and Bilberry, looks great… I have thing for Diamine, I have to admit. And also for Private Reserve, Rohrer & Klingner and Sailor Jentle. 🙂

    1. I love Diamine ink too, but I don’t think that I’ll ever own all of them, I wouldn’t have the space :). I’m currently using Bilberry in one of my pens and really like it. Haven’t tried the others you mention much, that’s OK though just means more discoveries await! Take care

      1. We’ve got whole life for discovering 😉 Look for some reviews of Sailor Jentle Grenade (exceptional red/merlot ink with golden sheen), Sailor Jentle Sky high (amazing blue ink with purple/golden sheen) and certainly Jentle Ultra Marine, Epinard and Apricot. Sailors are “smelly” inks but with perfect flow and colours are so lovely… Rohrer & Klingner is also intresting, I am using Alt-Goldgrun ink and although I am not big fan of green inks, this “olive” colour makes me smiling 🙂

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