Of whys and wherefores


Why a blog about pens, paper, ink and other cool stuff?

A good question. The why and wherefore of this blog is simply to vocalise a personal passion; to talk about something that I like, essentially and firstly for my own pleasure. To be honest I dont know how many others out there are interested in these things – maybe no-one and if so that’s OK I’ll still post about the things I like and the things I don’t. All I can guarantee is that the opinions shared on here, however foolish, will be my own and will be genuine.

So you’ll hear from time to time from a northern british bloke who in his spare time likes to use fountain pens and who loves the experience of writing…

Welcome dear friend..



3 thoughts on “Of whys and wherefores

  1. I like your blog and this is excellent introduction 🙂 I have my own mini blog about books and inks (because I don’t have so many fountain pens) and it is so important to do it with love and for your own pleasure, as you said. Wish you lot of luck and keep it coming, you have one devoted reader at least 😉

    1. You’re very kind. Thanks so much for the comments:) I’ll look up your blog with interest. I think the pleasure factor is what keeps blogs going, after all we all can’t be read by thousands of people. Hope you enjoy your blogging in 2014. See you on twitter too!

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