Pocket Rockets!

I’m a great fan of pocket-sized pens so I thought that I would showcase some of mine. This won’t be in any way an in-depth review of each but a brief comparison pointing out the best qualities of each of the pens in question. From the first picture you can see the relative size of […]

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The experience of writing…

What is at the heart of my fascination with pens and pencils in general and fountain pens in particular? What is it that draws me to them; to search for my ideal writing implement? To be fair I’m sure that there are a number of core issues, these might include such things as feel, design, […]

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In praise of local pen shops

I know that for many the internet rules OK. Particularly in the arena of pen buying. What would we do without our favourite blogs, websites and e-commerce in general. Life would indeed be poorer though our wallets not so. But among the loud cheers for the sites of our favourite pen manufacturers and online retailers. […]

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Of whys and wherefores

Why a blog about pens, paper, ink and other cool stuff? A good question. The why and wherefore of this blog is simply to vocalise a personal passion; to talk about something that I like, essentially and firstly for my own pleasure. To be honest I dont know how many others out there are interested […]

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